Charity Norman rides back into town


Just when you thought that you had opened your last present and all the fun and festivity of Christmas was over, Charity Norman blows back into town with her Five Minute Memoire: Charity Norman recalls a very bad day at the Bar (The Independent, 22 December).

Those who have a fondness for the nineties will remember Charity Norman as a devastatingly powerful young advocate practising on circuit in both the criminal and family law fields. Seduced by the prospect of sun, lifestyle choices and sheep shearing with her husband Tim, Charity took off to Tim’s homeland, New Zealand.

But, our home-grown bundle of energy could not simply stop there and make outfits for the Nativity play – instead Charity Norman reinvented herself as a writer, her second novel ‘After the Fall‘ being published by Allen and Unwin on 3 January 2013. So you like Jodi Picoult and Joanna Trollope, then you will love this.

When you have tired of the grey novels you received for Christmas, take a stroll to the bookshop, and enjoy a nice dive into this refreshing new writer.


2 comments on “Charity Norman rides back into town

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