Charity Norman – After the Fall

Since my last blog entry, so many readers have asked about Charity Norman. But have they bought the book? With a little help from Richard and Judy, here is a great clip to reintroduce Charity to those who knew her, and to whet the appetites  of those who would simply love a good read.


2 comments on “Charity Norman – After the Fall

  1. Charity Norman says:

    It’s good of you to post this, Stephen. Thanks! (Mind you, blimey, do I really look and sound like that? Euw).
    Congratulations on the merger – quite a decision, but Broad Chare always were terribly nice people. I do hope you are all thriving.
    Charity x

  2. For those of us who love the book, it is now possible to vote it to supremacy

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