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Jessops, HMV – and now Blockbuster. It seems that they could not compete against the on-line giants, such as Amazon.

Of our £23bn legal service marketplace here in the UK what part will eventually follow the ‘on-line’ trend, and how many of us left behind will become ‘Jessops’?

The Legal Services Act has given England and Wales one of the most liberalised legal markets in the world, so the historic constraints no longer apply here. Make a web search and you will already find classy ‘on-line’ legal services being advertised, be it an enterprising individual or a group of practitioners working together. On-line, they have a marketing reach second to none, and certainly massively more visible than traditional solicitors’ practices or barristers’ chambers. They have the advantage of being able cleverly to target an intended market. The on-line purchaser of legal services can search out a practitioner or group within certain specialties, examine their experience and track record, obtain market feedback, and book with the click of a mouse.

Like Amazon and unlike the Jessops, they have shed their expensive infrastructure of real estate shop windows, staffing and clerking levels – to work leanly with minimal expenses. Here is an immediate price differential of 20-50%, allowing for reductions and marketing offers.

It is not Tesco Law that we should fear. It is the established groups of dynamic, specialist practitioners who know exactly where their markets are and how to access and retain them.

When the boards go up at chambers’ windows, and the clerks are sent home, where will you be?… Invisible or On-line?


2 comments on “Online legal

  1. Hi Stephen – Yup – you’ve got it right. There is a new player in town too called Rocket Lawyer which is a ‘freemium’ supplier.
    The freemium model suits distress purchases like legal services – see


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