Stephen Twist 2012 : the blog.

Photo courtesy of the Guardian

Welcome to Stephen Twist’s Barrister blog. This is where both you and I may say the things we always wanted to say, but never found the time to express.

The blog is open for contributions from barristers, their clerks and administrative team, the solicitors and legal executives that instruct them, and other interested parties.

A few ground rules:

  • This is an open blog. Think before you write, and publish knowing that your comments may reach a wide professional readership, and beyond.
  • Write under your own name. Anonymous entries, unless with prior approval, will be deleted.
  • Ensure that your comments are respectful, and if challenging, are on a principled basis rather than a personal attack.
  • Feel free to press the boundaries, but remember that to protect the opinions of others is why as barristers we are here.
  • Enjoy writing, commenting and posting your thoughts and ideas.

2 comments on “Stephen Twist 2012 : the blog.

  1. Crispin Oliver says:

    very impressive> Keep up the work

  2. derestreetbarristers says:

    Thanks, Crispin. You are the first to reply. I intend to keep the blog going in the long term, so the more contributions we get, the more members’ voices and opinions will be heard.

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