Paper-free Revisited

For the first time in Care Proceedings, I have been to court without the case papers. Yes, I remembered my flask, but there was not a file to be seen.

At this stage of the proceedings (Interim Care Order) there were only eleven critical documents, all of which were all safely stored and available on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet which nestled in my inside jacket pocket. The documents comprised a mixture of Word, PDF and picture files, received by email attachment and which I had read on screen the night before.

I have to admit that I rather envied the sensible IPad owners who, with that clever little IAnnotate App are able to highlight text and book-mark pages. Whilst the rest  turn pages, the Ipaders simply flick between documents with the dab of a fingerprint.

I found the Galaxy tab near perfect for the job. With RepliGo Reader 3.2 the IAnnote features for PDF’s are available for Androids. Click on this link to watch the video demonstration, although I suspect you will not need the ‘night mode’ unless you find yourself listed N/B 1400 hrs before the Northallerton FPC.

The search facility is of considerable use, allowing you to find the precise point without trailing visually through page after page. Also important is the facility to click to the list of your annotations. From there you have simple and fast access to the individual entries you have made. The digital signature operation is also of great use and will allow you to sign documents under the EU Electronic Signatures Directive and section 7 of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.

If you are contemplating the digital age with relish, my advice would be simply to go for broke and get an IPad 3 with 4G. This way you will have access to everything you want, when you need it. For example, the other day my opponent – a London silk – was able to access each statute and statutory instrument as it was named, although I am not too sure how comfortable he was with the Magistrates’ Courts (Hearsay in Civil Proceedings) Rules 1999!


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