Practising Certificates – don’t get caught out

Back in the “old days” we did not need a word processed piece of paper to permit us to be barristers. From the introduction of indemnity insurance, through Bar Standards Board fees, Voluntary subscriptions, CPD requirements and practising ceritficates the administrative burden of life at the Bar has become ever more burdensome and time consuming.
BEWARE a new layer of regulation is being introduced with effect from renewal of practising certificates on 1.4.12 You will be liable to pay a surcharge if you do not complete the process by then . If you do not do so by 1.5.12 you will not be on the BSB Register and will not be authoritsed to practice. Chambers will be able to pay the block fee as previously but you need to delegate them to do so. You need to set up an online account and pay your insurance!
Do not delay go to the BarristerConnect web – NOW


One comment on “Practising Certificates – don’t get caught out

  1. Helen. An excellent post! I have added in a direct link to the requisite page on the BSB web – it is fairly hard to find without this link. For members who are planning to register on line, here is a non-techi guide.

    Click the link on Helen’s posting. Make sure you have your User number and Password ready. The former should have been notified by letter and is a five figure number. If you have not received your password, phone 0207 611 1466. Once logged in you will see your personal page. Before hitting the ‘Applying for a Practising Certificate’ button, go to ‘My Details’ and update each box using the edit button. You may also wish to change the ‘Communication Preferences’, which gives you opt out options.

    Finally, click the ‘Applying for a Practising Certificate’. Credit card payment is possible with a surcharge, but you may wish to use the debit card option which is free. If you undertake ‘Direct Access’ work, ensure that you update your areas of practice here.

    Once completed, return to your home page where you can download your practising certificate. If you store it on your own hard drive as a PDF you will be able to access it if necessary without having to log on.

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