About Stephen Twist’s Blog

Welcome to Stephen Twist’s Barrister blog.

This blog started life on 1 January 2012 as ‘Dere Street Barrister’s blog’  – to metamorphosize on 3 March 2012 into its current form as the mouthpiece of Dere Street Barristers’ sole blogger. Thus the views and opinions here are entirely my own and cannot be said to represent others.

Visitors are welcome to comment, and of course to link articles and postings from these pages. If you do, please attribute the link, so that readers may return to this blog as the original source.

May I thank the many visionaries who have supported this project. I trust that, in time, those sceptics within our profession will come to see its’ merits and possibilities.


One comment on “About Stephen Twist’s Blog

  1. cecilia pastore says:

    Hola!! just dropping by to say hi to my once-upon-a-time- tenant !!! how´s life going? all´s well here, congrats on the blog lots of time to write it seems, what´s with the future of the bar then, (condensed) … 🙂 — this is a kick ass blog!!! (you can leave that for public reading)

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