Why the new blog?

Some, if not all followers of the DSB blog will be wondering why the blog has migrated and transfigured.

There are two reasons – first, a small number of non-subscribing readers raised anonymous concerns that the blog may be confused with a certain web site. It was feared that the popularity of the blog was overtaking the hit rate for that site and, dominating page 2 of search results, was imminently to overtake the main site in Google ranking. The second was the blogger’s most recent post (now removed on formal request). With deference to the requester (for whom the blogger has the utmost respect) it was so removed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

But blogs, however popular and widely read, are not for the faint hearted. They tend not to bow to anything other than the weight of peer pressure imposed through comment and contribution on the blog itself. And so the old blog, with its nomenclature-association with a ‘particular grouping of barristers’, has given way to a personal blog, for which the blogger alone bears total and unequivocal responsibility.

The change has resulted in the highest hit rate since the middle of February, a further 50 followers having subscribed today. Clearly the blog is read, and is providing a useful service to many members of the Bar at all levels, both on and off circuit, and to solicitors and others involved in the administration of justice. How gratifying: a consequence that sweetens the memory of the anesthetic administrated before the blog’s most recent surgery.

The blogger hopes that you will continue to subscribe, if only to keep up to date with the latest news. Perhaps now, the blog can address some of the more prickly points that hitherto were out of reach. Maybe in the next few weeks, those of you who have sought to avoid entering the turbulent pool of political correctness, can (along with the blogger) enjoy the freedom of surfing larger and more exciting crests.


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